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Owners and management French-Swiss

WhatsApp +55 22 99206 0985

Skype: buziostropico1

Alto de Buzios, Rua A, 25 - Cxa postal 112958, Centro

Armação dos Búzios 28950 970 - RJ

Tropico de Capricornio - Something Different!


Close to all and far from all


Our Romantic Guest House “de Charme” in the heart of an 8,000m² tropical park totally closed off and secure, is situated on the heights of Alto de Buzios a privileged and protected quarter.


Apart from the gift of an unequalled panoramic view of Ferradura beach and over the Buzios peninsula, the “Tropico de Capricornio”, just a step away from downtown and all beaches, offers total security and discreet comfort. 


Your intimacy is preserved and protected. You will have the privilege of seeing without being seen. The only noise who disturbs the calm, peace and serenity is the birdsong. Rest, relaxation and Romanticism will be the order of the day on your private terrace, around the pool or in the luxurious vegetation of the tropical park.


Come for a stay at “Tropico de Capricornio”
it will be difficult to leave!


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